A 7-Day Scenic Wyoming Road Trip

A 7-Day Scenic Wyoming Road Trip

Our itinerary spends 1-week driving around the picturesque landscapes of Wyoming. From the inspirational peaks of the Grand Tetons to Yellowstone’s wildlife and geothermal wonders, find out why Wyoming is a nature lover’s paradise.

Our roadbook

  • Jackson
  • Pinedale
  • Riverton


  • Witness the craggy, snow-capped peaks of the Teton Range
  • Watch the bison roam inside Yellowstone National Park
  • Go for a refreshing swim in a glacial lake inside Wind River Country
  • Admire the geologic wonders of the Wind River Canyon
  • Soak in the healing waters at Hot Springs State Park

Day 1: From Jackson to Grand Teton

Distance: Jackson to Grand Teton = 5 Miles (to park entrance)
The moment you fly into Jackson Hole Airport, the beauty of the Teton Range takes center stage. Possibly America’s most dramatic mountain range, Tetons have inspired the hearts of nature lovers for generations. Get a quality night’s sleep after booking your EV and spending a fun evening checking out the sights of Jackson. Since there’s a nearby public charging point, we recommend using the Homewood Suites by Hilton Jackson as your base. Rise early and eat a filling breakfast for a day filled with awe-inspiring images of snowy mountains, alpine lakes, pristine forests, historic homesteads, and beautiful wildlife. Charge up your EV the night before to ensure you have a full battery driving around the park. The Mountains of the Imagination provide a breathtaking backdrop when you enter the park and there are numerous viewpoints for panoramic photos. There are more than 200 miles of trails to connect with nature and discover the diverse scenery around the snow-capped peaks. Trek through the forest to reach the crystal-clear Taggart and Bradley Lakes, or cruise on the sparkling waters of Jenny Lake. Feel the solitude of the Snake River and watch for wildlife at Schwabacher Landing and check out the boats docked at Colter Bay Village. Stop by the National Elk Refuge to witness the herd in its natural habitat and visit the preserved homesteads of Mormon’s Row.
EV Summary – Grand Teton National Park lies adjacent to your Jackson hotel and a full charge should be enough for the day. Just make sure to recharge your EV when you’re back in Jackson before you depart the following day.
Where to stay:
SpringHill Suites Jackson Hole – 150 West Simpson Avenue, Jackson – Tesla (16kW) – Suite from $200.
Recommended Stations:
Town of Jackson Charging Station – 222-230 US-191, Jackson – J-1772 – ChargePoint – Open 24/7 See route

Day 2: From Jackson to Yellowstone

Distance: Jackson to Yellowstone = 57 Miles (approx. 1hr 15 mins to South Entrance)
Getting an early start is extra important today since more driving will be required to reach Yellowstone National Park. From Jackson, U.S. Hwy 191 meanders through Grand Teton and leads you directly to the South Entrance of Yellowstone. If you missed any photos of Grand Teton the previous day, this is the perfect time for them. Yellowstone Lake is a natural first stop inside the park to marvel at the area’s geothermal activity. West Thumb Geyser Basin sits adjacent to the high-altitude lake, and glistening pebbles dot its black-sand shoreline. The lake is often too frigid for swimming but walking along the beach and walking through the water is a refreshing feeling. You’ll notice the roadway divide when you reach Grand Loop Road, and one direction takes you to steam geysers and bubbling hot springs. Around 20 miles from West Thumb, you’ll find the iconic Old Faithful and Upper Geyser Basin. After watching the reliable geyser in all its glory, make the short drive to the colorful Grand Prismatic Spring. Watch the boiling water spill into the Firehole River and climb the boardwalk to witness one of nature’s treasures.
If you have time, Fountain Paint Pots is just a few miles from Grand Prismatic Spring and reveals more geysers and shimmering pools. Some EVs have enough mileage on a full charge for this round trip between Jackson and Yellowstone but ensure you know your mileage range before departure. Fortunately, Yellowstone National Park offers a public charging network for anyone who brings an EV into the park.
EV Summary – Since today’s route calls for more driving, you might need a charge for an EV with lower mileage. If you don’t think your EV will make the drive back to Jackson, there are a couple of convenient public stations you can visit for a quick charge.
Recommended Stations: Old Faithful Snow LodgeN Rim Drive, Yellowstone National Park – NEMA 14-50 – Free Parking – 7 Stations – Open 24/7 See route

Day 3 – 2nd Day at Yellowstone

Distance: Jackson to Yellowstone = 57 Miles (approx. 1hr 15 mins to South Entrance)
You could spend months in Yellowstone and still only scratch the surface of the incredible wonders of this beloved national park. That’s why we had to include an extra day on this itinerary dedicated to exploring Yellowstone. Take U.S. Hwy 191 to gaze at the Tetons before reaching Yellowstone’s South Entrance for more incredible sights. Instead of turning left onto Grand Loop Road towards yesterday’s geothermal hotspots, veer right to find grazing bison that still roam the landscape. Grand Loop Road hugs the shoreline of Yellowstone Lake and eventually cuts through the Hayden Valley. Be prepared for traffic stops since it’s common for these beautiful creatures to cross the roadway. Many people hop outside their vehicles for bison photos, but please keep a safe distance to avoid confrontations. Look around the wide valley for other majestic animals such as grizzly bears, elk, coyotes, bald eagles, and much more. After capturing photos of Yellowstone’s rich wildlife, a short drive along Grand Loop Road leads to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The geologic masterpiece has enticed the imaginations of artists and nature lovers for decades, and numerous viewpoints let you appreciate this natural landmark. The canyon depth ranges from 750 to 1,200 feet, and decomposed rhyolite lava rock form striking colors on its steep walls. Watch the mighty Yellowstone River meander through the canyon and wander the nearby hiking trails for panoramic views of the Upper and Lower Falls.
If your EV needs a charge while driving around this area of Yellowstone, there’s a charging station at Rhyolite Lodge within Canyon Village. There are also charging locations beside Yellowstone Lake on your drive back to Jackson.
EV Summary The drive from Jackson to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is around 115 miles, and some EVs may not have the mileage range to make it back. Make sure your EV is fully charged when you depart Jackson, and you know which charging station to use should you need to recharge.
Recommended Stations:
Rhyolite Lodge, N Rim Drive, Yellowstone National Park – J-1772 – Free Parking – 1 Station – Open 24/7 See route

Day 4 – From Jackson to Pinedale

Distance: Jackson to Pinedale = 75 Miles (approx. 1hr 30 mins)
Get ready to ditch the tourists and get a sense of ‘The Real Wyoming’ by driving to the traditional western town of Pinedale. Situated at over 7,000 feet and engulfed by three beautiful mountain ranges, Pinedale is a treasure for intrepid travelers seeking untamed nature. The scenic drive from Jackson reveals spectacular views of the Wind River Range while coursing along the Hoback River. Driving through the sub-alpine valley gives you many opportunities to spot wildlife and lush forests that glisten beneath the summer sunlight. Pinedale only has a population of around 2,000 but packs a punch with its cowboy culture, cattle ranching, and outdoor recreation. The town sits at the doorstep of the Wind River Range, and backcountry expeditions lead adventurous explorers to thousands of glacial-fed lakes. Luckily, you won’t have to venture into the wilderness to experience the splendor of Wind River’s alpine lakes. Only four miles from town, Sandy Beach at Fremont Lake hosts swimmers, sunbathers, boaters, and kayakers to a waterfront paradise. If you have enough mileage, drive the 32-mile Skyline Drive Loop for miraculous images of deep-blue lakes, pristine forests, and jagged peaks. The crisp mountain air fills your nostrils, and the sounds of nature fill the airwaves the higher you climb. When you return to Pinedale, stop by the Wind River Brewing Company for an evening of local craft beers and delicious food. The brewpub is only half a mile from the Best Western Pinedale Inn, and Tesla drivers can charge their EVs in the parking lot.
EV Summary – If your EV has a longer mileage range, then you should have no problem driving from Jackson to Pinedale and exploring the surrounding area. For those using a non-Tesla EV or one that has a shorter mileage range, the only other charging station in Pinedale is the Log Cabin Motel. We advise calling ahead to ensure non-guests can use the station or if a fee is required.
Recommended Stations:
Wind River Brewing 402 W Pine St, Pinedale – Tesla Destination (16kW) – 4 Stations – Open daily from 11 am to 10 pm – The chargers are in the back parking lot across a street/alley behind the brewery
Where to stay:
Best Western Pinedale Inn – 864 W Pine Street, Pinedale – Double Queen from $70. See route

Day 5 – From Pinedale to Riverton

Distance: Pinedale to Riverton = 160 Miles (approx. 2hrs 30 mins)
The landscapes of Wyoming transform before your eyes as you travel deeper into the Wind River Reservation. Today’s journey doesn’t include many stops, but the everchanging scenery on this route reveals the diversity of Wyoming. Once you depart Pinedale, the Wind River Range basks in full glory while you cross the New Fork River. When you reach the town of Farson, turn onto Wyoming Hwy 28-E to head towards Riverton. As you cruise near the outskirts of the Northern Red Desert, extensive fields of sagebrush hug the roadway while isolated buttes and colorful Badlands fill the horizon. The rugged Wind River Mountains fade against the horizon but driving farther into the sagebrush sea opens up to sparkling lakes and red-rock canyons. Just south of Lander, the Red Canyon Wildlife Habitat Management Area nurtures migrating wildlife during the harsh winters and provides a breathtaking photo stop. Before the final stretch to Riverton, Lander is another rustic town offering a glimpse into western culture.
EV Summary There aren’t any detours off the main highways on this day of driving, and one full charge should be enough to reach your hotel in Riverton. If a recharge is required, there are several charging stations in the town of Lander before you reach Riverton.
Recommended Stations:
Breadboard Lander 1350 Main St, Lander– J-1772 – $5/hour – 1 Station – Open 24/7
Breadboard Riverton124 E Washington Ave, Riverton – J-1772 – $5/hour – 1 Station – Open 24/7
Where to stay:
Hampton Inn & Suites Riverton – 2500 North Federal Blvd , Riverton – Tesla Destination (8kW) / J-1772 (7.2kW) – 2 Stations. Double Deluxe from $140. See route

Day 6 – From Riverton to Pinedale (with a detour to Thermopolis)

Distance: Riverton-Thermopolis Round Trip = 106 Miles (approx. 2hrs)
Distance: Riverton to Pinedale = 160 Miles (approx. 2hrs 30 mins)
An early start is needed for today since this will be the lengthiest drive on your itinerary. Rise at the crack of dawn to witness some of Wind River Country’s cherished natural wonders. Take U.S. Hwy 26 toward Shoshoni and veer onto U.S. Hwy 20 in the direction of Thermopolis. The first highlight of the day is Boysen Reservoir, one of Wyoming’s best fisheries and water sports locations. The reservoir contains nearly 80 miles of shoreline along the Wind River and offers fishing, swimming, water skiing, and surrounds visitors with rugged cliffs and canyons. Just beyond Boysen State Park, feast your eyes on perhaps Wyoming’s most jaw-dropping scenic byway. As you enter the mouth of Wind River Canyon, sheer walls rise around 2,500 feet above, and the Wind River cuts through the rocky landscape. The geologic formations here are billions of years old and create a thrilling backdrop for whitewater rafting excursions. Watch a historic railroad line meander around the rocky cliffs and try to spot bighorn sheep on the canyon rim. The Wind River Canyon Scenic Byway ends at Thermopolis, and here you’ll find the world’s largest mineral hot spring. Hot Springs State Park is the star attraction of Thermopolis and a relaxing place to indulge in therapeutic mineral pools. Cross the swinging bridge to reach the terrace overlooking where spring water flows into the Big Horn River. Before hitting the highway back to Riverton, slowly drive through the bison pasture to meet Wyoming’s state bison herd. After an enjoyable time at Hot Springs State Park, take the same route in the opposite direction back to Riverton. You’ll get another chance to admire the towering walls of Wind River Canyon and the glistening waters of Boysen Reservoir. If you need to recharge your EV before driving back to Pinedale, Riverton would be the best place to stop.
EV Summary Even with an EV that has a longer mileage range, you’ll likely need to recharge one time today. You’ll drive 260+ miles between your round trip to Thermopolis and journey back towards Pinedale. Riverton would be the wisest place to recharge since there are public charging stations and the Hampton Inn & Suites.
Recommended Stations:
See our previously recommended charging stations for the Pinedale area. See route

Day 7 – Pinedale to Jackson

Distance: Pinedale to Jackson = 75 Miles (approx. 1hr 30 mins)
With your Wyoming road trip almost complete, enjoy a final scenic drive with the Wind River and Gros Ventre Ranges as your backdrop. The Bridger-Teton National Forest wilderness offers lots of places for solitude and to relish Wyoming’s unbelievable natural beauty one last time. Watch the gentle Hoback River course through the landscape before meeting the Snake River closer to Jackson. If time permits, stop by Granite Hot Springs for a soothing soak surrounded by rugged mountains, lodgepole pine forests, peaceful streams, cascading waterfalls, and abundant wildlife. For a more rigorous outing, the nearby Granite Creek Campground is near several hiking trails nestled in the beautiful Granite Creek corridor. Jackson has plenty of spots to recharge your EV if it needs to be returned on a full charge. After dropping off your EV, head back to Jackson Hole Airport for one last view of the Tetons before departure.
EV Summary With a fully-charged battery, you should have zero problems completing the journey back to Jackson from Pinedale. Just make sure your EV has the correct charge when returning it to the rental agency.
Recommended Stations:
Town of Jackson Charging Station 222-230 US-191, Jackson – Open 24/7 Jackson Hole Airport1250 E Airport Road, Jackson Hole – J-1772 – 2 Stations – Open 24/7 – Inside the “paid” parking area. The first 5 hrs inside the parking area are free. In parking rows 9 and 10. See route (Granite Hot Springs Included)

Where to stay

SpringHill Suites Jackson Hole– 4 stars – $200
150 West Simpson Avenue, Jackson
Charging point: Tesla (16kW)
260 N Millward Street, Jackson Charging point: No charging station on site Public charging points: Town of Jackson, ChargePoint (Coulomb Technologies) and Jackson Town Square, ChargePoint (J-1772)
r3charge’s recommendation: Drive to one of the nearby public charging stations in the Jackson area that we have listed above.
55 Bloomfield Avenue, Pinedale Charging point: No charging station on site Public charging points: Wind River Brewing, Tesla Destination (16kW) and Log Cabin Motel, NEMA 14-50
r3charge’s recommendation: Drive to the nearby public charging station for Tesla EVs or contact the hotel staff at the Log Cabin Motel for non-Tesla EVs.
2500 North Federal Blvd, Riverton
Charging point: Tesla 8kW
Public charging points: Breadboard Riverton (J-1772: $5/hr)
r3charge’s recommendation: Recharge your EV at your hotel if it’s the correct type of charging unit

Brief Itinerary

Day Day Highlight Overnight
Day Drive through Grand Teton National Park Jackson
Day Explore Yellowstone’s geothermal magic Jackson
Day Hang with wildlife inside Yellowstone Jackson
Day Escape the crowds at Wind River Country Pinedale
Day Cruise through everchanging landscapes Riverton
Day Drive through the Wind River Canyon Pinedale
Day Scenic drive back to Jackson Jackson

The route


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