Charging solutions for hotels

Add a charging equipment into your amenities, reach to electric vehicle drivers and turn your hotel into a EV magnet.

The future is electric

Let us help you transform your hotel into a magnet for EV drivers. We advise you on the solution that fits your needs and budget.

90% of EV drivers mention the availability of a charging station at their destination as the number one criterion when choosing a hotel.

Why upgrade to EV

Put yourself on top of the list

If you already offer the most comfortable beds in town as well as the best breakfast within 20 miles, your hotel is probably doing very well. If you can also offer guests the luxury of free parking, you can count on good reviews.

But here is another idea for you to boost your business model: Provide EV Charging Stations to allow your guests to r3charge their EVs while they get a good night’s sleep!

As more and more drivers replace their diesel or petrol model by an EV (replace, not buy as a second vehicle), chances likewise increase that they will use their EV to go on vacation at some point. And why wouldn’t they? The driving pleasure is in no way inferior to a traditional car! At the same time,
cities issue an unmanageable variety of environmental badges or ban certain vehicles all together.

In light of this, EVs simply become the perfect choice for city and road trips! The only drawback: overall ange and charging times. Nobody on vacation (or any other trip for that matter) wants to waste time, waiting for the car to finish recharging.

Make your property a destination

Waiting somewhere for charging is a thing from the past.

And this is exactly where you can step in as the knight in shining armour by offering not only a place to stay for the night but also a convenient solution to the charging challenge. Guests will no longer have to charge their EV on the way to the hotel at a shabby rest area or get up at 01:00 at night to move the car after charging to avoid fees for unnecessarily blocking the public charging station at an inconvenient distance from the hotel. 

To put it simple, by offering charging facilities to your guests: 

  • Your guests will save time and thus the value of their stay will be increased (meaning more amazing reviews for you) 
  • Your customer base will be significantly enlarged as your hotel becomes even more attractive to a new customer group 
  • You will further foster your sustainability efforts

It's a win-win

Help from experts

We guide you step by step into your charging solution project.

You would like to offer charging facilities to your guests but feel slightly overwhelmed by all the facts to consider when deciding on your charging solution – let us help you!

As charging infrastructure is still emerging, there is a broad variety of providers, offering their individual solutions. When counted last, there were eight different plugs in use, 50 different charging station manufacturers and as options as a days in a month. Additionally, next to the technical differences, each provider has its own payment schemes, further complicating things and delaying decisions and thus the setup of charging facilities at your hotel.

To facilitate and accelerate the installation of your charging facilities and thus help you win new guests, we have created the following all-in-one solution for you.

Simplified process

To facilitate and accelerate the installation of your charging facilities and thus help you win new guests, we have created the following all-in-one solution for you.

Now, there are only 4 steps separating you from your individual offer:

  • Register on our website and tell us a bit about your hotel
  • Our service team will reach out to you to understand your project
  • On-site visit of a certified electrician

After having understood more about your needs and budget, we will provide you with an offer.

Project execution

You would like to provide an EV charging solution for your guests? r3charge help you identify your needs and define your project.
  • 1
    Your project

    You explain us your needs and we advise you on the best solution for your property.

  • 2
    Your quote

    After a visit on-site from our service team, we submit you one of more quote of advised technical solutions.

  • 3
    Your installation

    You select the quote that fits you best and we take care of the installation with our team of local certified electricians.

  • 4
    Your charging point

    We provide you with the appropriate training and best practices to operate your guest charging point.

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