EV charging solutions for the
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Attract new guests and generate additional revenue with electric vehicle charging solutions at your hotel.

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88% of electric vehicle owners would favor a hotel offering an electric charging solution when traveling.

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11 million electric vehicles are already on the road today and 3 more are coming this year.

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On average, Tesla owners have double the average net worth.

Transform your hotel into an EV magnet.

Attract new guests to your property with electric vehicle charging equipment. Stand out from the crowd and build green credentials with an affordable, maintenance free charging solution.

Discover why upgrading to EV is right for you

We help your business transition to the future of travel.

r3charge is a charging solution provider. We advice, install and maintain tailored electric vehicle charging solution for the hotel industry.
Our mission

The only charging solution provider dedicated to the hotel business industry.

Tailor made

Expert advices to optimize your installation to your property and guests.


Our full maintenance packages ensure you peace of mind.


Expertly installed by our local partner network of certified electricians.

Make charging part of the guest experience.

Welcome your guest with easy to operate, reliable and always up to date charging equipments and provide a seamless journey from parking to the hotel room.
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Integrated into your daily workflow.

Our management solution help you monitor in real time the access, usage and costs of your charging points into one single interface so your can focus on your core business.
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Transform charging into a new income.

Added to the room bill, self pay or free. Build your own user tariffs and charge guests and visitors with innovative payment solutions.
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Promote your business to the EV community.

Equipped with a charging point? We help you reach your future guest by promoting your business to EV drivers drivers via our extensive network of travel partners, e-mobility operators and the r3charge community.
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Buy your charging solution or get our worry-free Charging as a Service package.

All solutions include a charging point, a charging point smart monitoring solution and a maintenance plan.

+ € 20 per month service fee
2 years factory warranty2 years factory warranty
No depositNo deposit
Update and maintenace includedUpdate and maintenace included
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Charging as a service
Per month, per charging point
24 months contract24 months contract
€ 200 deposit€ 200 deposit
Update and maintenance includedUpdate and maintenance included
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Project execution

You would like to provide an EV charging solution for your guests? r3charge help you identify your needs and define your project.
  • 1
    Your project

    You explain us your needs and we advise you on the best solution for your property.

  • 2
    Your quote

    After a visit on-site from our service team, we submit you one of more quote of advised technical solutions.

  • 3
    Your installation

    You select the quote that fits you best and we take care of the installation with our team of local certified electricians.

  • 4
    Your charging point

    We provide you with the appropriate training and best practices to operate your guest charging point.

Learn more about our technology.

Our solution for the hospitality industry.

Complete control of your charging infrastructure

Our monitoring tool help you manage your charging equipment, define access rules, prices and track your costs

A solution that scales with your needs

Start small or go big. Our load balancing technology ensures that you don't need to update your electrical infrastructure.

Maintenance included

Our solutions are always provided with maintenance plan. We take care of your charging equipments so you can focus on what you do best, taking care of your guests.

Get started with a free quote

Contact our service team to evaluate if your property can be equipped with a charging solution and what is the right solution for your business.

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You want to offer charging services for your guests and visitors or simply have questions about EV charging solutions. Our service team will be happy to advise you personally and assess if your business is suitable for a charging point.

    1. Why is it important to install an EV charging point at your property?

    Despite the development public charging network and advances in battery technology, charging can still be an issue for people traveling with electric vehicles. 

    When we asked EV owners what was the ideal hotel and service they were looking for, 88% said they will favor a hotel offering a guest charging point.

    Offering EV charging service for your guests can help you attracts new clients, improve the sustainability credentials of your property make you more visible.

    On top of that, did we tell you that EV owners have on average double the median income?

    2. How many electric vehicles are on the market?

    From an initial niche reserved for early adopters, electric vehicles have become mainstream on the market and there are now more than 11 millions EVs on the road today, most of them capable of long distance travel. Moreover, due to new regulations and demand from consumers, car markers will introduce more than 200 new models in the next 5 years.

    3. How much does a charging point installation cost?

    When installing a charging point, there are two main parameters to take into consideration, the charging station equipment cost itself and material and labor to connect the charging stations to your current electrical system.

    While our commercial grade charging points start at 1500€ per station, the cost of connecting the charging station to your current electrical system will depend greatly from the configuration of your property and if groundwork or building modifications are needed.

    In general, the installation cost can be from 1500€ to 5000€ per charging station.

    Our service team will be happy to connect you with a certified electrician to evaluate on-site the solution the most adapted to your property and how to optimize the charging point location. 

    4. What is the difference between a standard electric plug socket and an EV charging point?

    Electric charging stations offer many advantages over a domestic plug:

    • Reduced charging time: domestic plug can only deliver a limited amount of power (1-3 kw) making it impossible for large EVs such as Tesla Model 3 or the Audi e-tron to recharge overnight. Charging stations can deliver more than 10 times more power and guarantee your guests a full battery the morning after. 
    • Charging plug compatibility: Charging plug have now being standardized on most electric vehicles. Using a charging station ensure that your guest will be able to connect their vehicle and start a charge without any issue.
    • Access control: Charging station allow to control who and when guest can recharge at your property
    • Energy cost monitoring: Advanced energy monitoring allow you track the energy consumptions of your charging stations and even to bill it to your guests. 

    Increased safety: domestic plug are not designed to deliver large amount of power over an extended period which can result in failure and can become an electrical or fire hazard.

    5. Can I make money with a charging point?

    Yes, you can charge your customer of the use of your charging point. We recommend to charge either a flat rate such as a parking fee or for the exact energy consumption if the local regulation allows it. 

    And if you really want to make your EV guests happy, you can also offer it. Charging a popular EV such as a Renault Zoe or Nissan Leaf overnight cost only 5€. They will love you and spread the word!

    6. How to charge this service?

    There are several options to charge your guest for the use of your charging facilities.

    Our charging points can be equipped with payment solutions such as charging network badges or credit card. You can therefore offer your guest to pay directly at the charging station like they are used to in most public places or you can add this charge to the guest bill during checkout. You decide.

    Our service team will be happy to help you define with you what is the most adapted payment method for your property.

    7. How many charging stations do I need?

    The number of charging points will depend of your needs and budget. For a small property with up to 20 rooms we would advise to start with 2 charging stations and more as demand grow. If you operate a larger hotel or your receive a lot of visitors, it is not uncommon to add up to 20 charging points.

    8. I am located next to a public charging station, do I need one on my property?

    Even if public charging stations are becoming more common due to push from municipalities, parking and charging network operators, these third party charging solutions can present issues your property cannot control such as limited access, technical failure or large charging and parking fees.

    To ensure the best guest experience, it is recommend to offer your own charging solutions for your guest and only rely on public charging in case of overbooking.

    9. As a hotel chain, can I offer charging stations?

    You can of course offer charging solution at one single property but if you want to provide this service in other locations, our service team can offer special conditions and comprehensive advices for hotel chains and multi property businesses.

    10. How to inform EV travelers my property offers a charging point?

    88% of EV owners said they will favor a hotel offering a guest charging point for their next trip. To ensure you can reach to your future guest, it is important to be where people plan their trips and holidays such as navigation systems, charging apps or hotel booking websites.

    If you purchase a charging station, we will automatically register your property as a destination on our website and via our extensive partner network.

    11. I already have a charging point, can I register it on r3charge?

    Of course and it’s free. 

    You have already invested in charging facilities to allow your guests to maximise their stay at your hotel. Now you need to make sure they become aware of the charging service you offer! And this is where we can help you! Simply register with us so we can offer your hotel as a search result on r3charge and its partner network..

    The registration only takes 2 minutes, just answer this form and we will contact you within the next 24 hours.

    12. What is r3charge?

    A pioneer in sustainable travel, r3charge is supporting the electric vehicle revolution by offering and promoting EV-friendly properties worldwide. We believe that traveling with an electric vehicle should not be more complicated than travelling with a regular car and thus want to transform every stop into an the opportunity to discover and experience something unique. 

    Building an emission-free world makes us work with all the electric enthusiasts as we want to encourage more people to travel with their EV and help properties all around the world to welcome EV guests.

    r3charge for business: we help small and large accommodation businesses to become EV-friendly properties by installing EV charging solutions that ensure the best customer experience. 

    r3charge for EV travelers:  the first hotel reservation website that helps travelers with electric vehicles to find their perfect accommodation. We provide detailed information on more than 10.000 hotels either offering charging facilities for guests or with access to public charging stations.

    About us

    Pioneer in sustainable travel, r3charge is supporting the electric vehicle revolution by offering and promoting EV-friendly properties worldwide.

    We help small and large accommodation businesses to installing EV charging solutions that ensure the best customer experience. 


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